Over 60 years ago Socrates Schantz knew there had to be a better way to sell food. His stick joint was cumbersome to set up and tear down and it certainly wasn't mobile. The biggest problem with concession trailers at the time were that they sat so high in the air, they weren't accessible. He knew that if he could build a trailer that sat on the ground his customers would have a better experience, and most importantly, he would make more money. So, in the Schantz spirit, he invented the retractable wheel concession trailer. Socrates probably had no idea that what he started that day would now be going strong 60 years later but he would be happy to know that the Schantz TRADITION continues.

His son Ray would carry the company into the future, building and fostering relationships with clients that were by now into their 2nd generation. While guiding the company many other firsts were introduced to the industry; rooftop ice makers and central air to name a few. It was during these years that the company would gain a reputation for quality and innovation, an overwhelming sense of PRIDE ran through the company and into each trailer.

Now, led by Socrates' grandson Mike, the company has grown exponentially. The introduction of 3D computer aided design, precision punched parts, and 3 new trailer lines have kept Schantz at the top of the industry. Mike carries on the commitment to quality and EXCELLENCE that has always set the company apart from the rest.

Tradition, Pride & Excellence come standard in every Schantz trailer. Can your manufacturer offer you 60 years of knowledge, design and innovation? Give us a call at 618-654-1523 to find out about the Schantz difference!