Over the last several years the carnival industry has seen great highs. Attendance and spending are up across the nation at fairs and festivals. While this is good news for carnival operators and concessionaires, your operating costs have gone up as well. Diesel fuel, utilities and supplier costs have all gone up, with no end in sight. In the past there was enough money being made to take care of these things and still have some “extra”; however the “extra” that we all enjoyed is being eaten up with rising costs.So that brings up the question….are you making money on your food? A better question is…are you making as much money as you should be making on your food? It all starts with the trailer. A great marquee will draw them in, fantastic food will keep them coming back, and a well designed trailer will keep your operation running smoothly and efficiently; putting the “extra” back in your wallet.

For over 60 years the Schantz family has been a leader in the custom concession trailer industry, continually providing the innovation that the rest of the industry adopts as status quo. One key feature that is a guaranteed money maker is our retractable wheel system. This design lowers the trailer to the ground letting customers see the food being prepared, allows your employees to interact with them and brings your menus and food displays down to the customers eye level. It is a proven fact that retractable wheel trailers make more money on the midway than the standard models. Running a concession trailer might be your main business, or it might be a necessary evil that travels with your rides. No matter what your situation isn’t it time for your custom trailer to start making that “extra”? Contact Mike Schantz at 618-654-1523 to see how a Schantz trailer can truly be a money maker for your business. At Schantz, “We Know What Makes You Money.”