3 Schantz Generations Strong

Formed on a thought, by our founder Socrates Schantz, over 60 years ago, that mobile concession trailers should look more like a building than a trailer, is the foundation in which the Schantz Family has built its reputation.

Today, with the most concession trailers built per year, our roots still go back to the original focus of our founder Socrates, in that, innovation and great engineering equals market leadership!

Building custom engineered trailers is our passion. Focusing on one thing and doing it great, is our only desire. With other companies, custom trailers are only 20-30 percent of their business and many others build them on a much smaller scale.

Our full in-house engineering department designs all trailers in a computer 3-D environment. While many others start building with a “we’ll figure it out as we go” attitude, our engineering staff catches problem areas before the plans are ever released to the manufacturing floor.

Along with our world class engineering, is a graphics department that can make any idea come alive. With our own in-house designers you can rest assured that whatever your food product, brand or marketing idea we can help you “bring it” with attention grabbing style!

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