In today's competitive market it isn't enough for your trailer manufacturer to simply build you a nice trailer; any manufacturer can do that. At Schantz Mfg we bring over 60 years of innovation, knowledge and expertise to each new trailer. Whether it is the details in the physical design, help with your menu, advice on codes and regulations, recommendations on cooking equipment...the list goes on and on.

Another big way that we provide value above the competitors is our commitment to proving out our design concepts. We do independent market research to find out what current fair goers are looking for, and what they prefer in a concession trailer. This helps you get the most dollars on the midway!

If you'd like to get more from your manufacturer give us a call at 618-654-1523 and see how the Schantz difference will put the "Value Added" back in your bottom line. At Schantz, "We Know What Makes You Money"