When you choose to build a Schantz Custom Concession Trailer you are “advertising” to your customers, competitors and employees that you recognize the importance of having the best equipment on the midway. For over 60 years the Schantz family has been putting trailers on the road that are designed and engineered to the highest technical, aesthetic and safety standards the industry has to offer. Every piece of metal is custom fabricated in house, every detail is drawn out and planned in a 3D CAD environment.

When you “advertise” in a Schantz you are telling your customers that they will have the finest, safest fair food experience available; one that will make memories for a lifetime.

When you “advertise” in a Schantz you are telling your competition that you understand the value of an efficient workflow, industry leading features, money saving green initiatives and that you intend to be the top seller at your event. One of our clients, Jeremy Westmoreland, said it best, “Everyone is amazed with the trailer. They always ask me where they can get one… and I don’t tell them! You just can’t compete against a Schantz.”

When you “advertise” in a Schantz you are telling your employees that you value their comfort, their needs, their safety and ultimately your profitability together.

Let our engineers design the custom trailer you’ve been wanting. Let our graphic designers create the stunning artwork that will get customers to your spot. Let our master craftsmen fabricate and build a trailer that will last for generations.To get your name and your products on the side of one of these one of a kind trailers call us at 618-654-1523 or visit us at www.schantzmfg.com to learn more. There’s no better way to build your business than by “advertising” in a Schantz custom concession trailer. At Schantz, “We Know What Makes You Money.”