Angels In Disguise

Sometimes in our lives, we have events happen that are so brutal, that afterwards we wonder how we ever got through them. Especially in this great, but sometimes crazy business, horrific events do happen, and it did to us! Breakdowns, as we all know, never happen on sunny days when time is not of essence.

Picture this – tear down on a Sunday night, barely get some shut eye, drive 1,276 miles to arrive at your next spot, set up and open by 3 PM! As if that’s not stressful enough, you have an accident, on those lovely Pennsylvania highways, that breaks your axle and sends your tire flying under the trailer, thankfully connected by one lonely cable! The trailer begins to jackknife wildly, and it’s you and God driving off the side of the road! Now, here comes the icing on the cake, your trailer is a Schantz! The “Mercedes” of our business, as Rosemary often states, is not the easiest to fix or be recognized by those “fly by night” mechanics/welders on the side of the highway.

Panic edged its way into our chests, but as always, we are the greatest problem solvers under pressure! The Georgia National Fair, our last spot of the year, suddenly seemed a million miles away! Here we are, Monday evening, in Frackville, PA, with the most ignorant, self proclaimed “jack of all trades” telling us “there ain’t no way in hell” we are going to get to Perry in time! Those of you who know us understand just telling us it can’t be done, makes the task a sure thing!

As nightfall loomed over us, taking away our precious time, one solution after another was shot down! Solemnly and quietly we all prayed ourselves to sleep, too exhausted to think anymore. Morning came quickly, and with absolute determination, we awoke fresh and ready to find a way! Our first call was to Ray Schantz, our first of many angels in disguise.

Within five minutes, he called us back and said they were building us a new axle and a two-man crew would be on the road within a few hours. Fourteen hours later, Joe Barnhart and Brandon Voss arrive at midnight and went to work diligently! The welding machine and impact wrench sounds were music to our ears! They finished at around 7 AM! Exhausted and black as tar from head to toe, they knocked and said, “It’s ready, go!” What Schantz and Sons did for us was above and beyond the call to duty!

They say, that which does not kill us, only makes us stronger. Never has this statement been more true! Needless to say, 191/2 hours later, at 4:30 AM, we arrived, got set up, and opened on time! The day after opening, after much needed sleep, we thought of all the angels that came to our rescue. Schantz and Sons were absolutely amazing. They’re even more amazing now that we are here, at the factory, repairing all the damage. The impeccable customer service we are receiving ensures that we will never purchase any trailer other than a Schantz. They truly are the “Mercedes” of our business!

Allied’s immediate response was absolutely impressive! Phyllis Jurgensen and John Sutack were amazing in their promptness. They were professional, reassuring, and very sympathetic when it came to covering this horrible accident. They are the absolute best insurance company in our business!

Michael Frolic, executive director of the Georgia National Fair, was most understanding and reassured us that our location was safely waiting for us. Allen Ivory, from Gabby’s Famous Kitchen, received our huge order from Dawn Foods, and Randy Reichert, Wisconsin Cheese, paid the bill, no questions asked! My brother, Jeff Pacifico, even gave us his workers to help set us up. Our carnival family, without question, came together beautifully!

To all those angels that came to our rescue, thank you! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Without all of you, we would never had made it!

To all of you in our business – when you are at your darkest hour, know that angels will appear! This is one of the reasons we love and continue life on the road! The camaraderie, the family-like atmosphere, and the lifelong friendships we create are priceless! Thank you all, again!


Carolina Wiwcher, Rosemary Scirrotto, Matthew Wiwcher

Scirrotto’s Cinnamon City

Dec 2007 NICA NEWS

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