Backlit is Back!

"So does one guy own all of these food stands?" It was a reasonable question...they ALL looked the same.
It's time to take back the midway, It's time to be noticed. Schantz Mfg has a long history of producing stunning backlit designs that stand out from the crowd.

At one of the NICA seminars in February there was a great conversation about marquees. One of the topics was billboard marquees versus traditional backlit marquees. One of the panel members, whose own trailer has a tall billboard, told a story about a customer coming to his stand and saying,

One of the major drawbacks on backlit in the past has been the outdated technology. Who wants to hassle with ballasts, deal with burnt out fixture ends and replace the long bulky light bulbs. And the wiring...don't even go took an electrical engineering degree to troubleshoot that mess. That's where Schantz Mfg. has once again changed the industry. By utilizing LED technology we have brought backlit back! Low profile, waterproof, energy efficient, bright and easy to wire. We can do backlit easier, cheaper and better than before.

These LED lights are easier than ever to wire, a red and a white wire, if you can wire a lightswitch you'll have no problem with these lights. Forget about the mess of wires, these are low profile and simply designed. They are also energy efficient, the 25' marquee in the picture above pulls less than 15 amps when lit up. Thats a huge savings compared to the big tubes that used to be the standard. Use those amps to run an air conditioner, another fryer, or just save them, and buy less electric at your next spot. The cost savings will make a huge difference over your entire season.

But back to the initial conversation...these backlit masterpieces stand out on the midway. In an industry dominated by tall billboards, these ultrabright marquees cut through the skyscrapers around them and are the most visible stands on the midway....and what's more important than standing out from the rest? Backlit is Back, and Schantz Mfg is leading the way with new innovation and leadership. Give us a call to talk about how we can make you stand out from the crowd. At Schantz, "We Know What Makes You Money!"