Classic Series Concession Trailers

Festival Concession Trailers
The concession trailer that started it all! This trailer is our founders, Socrates Schantz’s original retractable wheel trailer design with 1 piece awnings and no visible awning rods.

This is the only trailer in the industry that has an option of flashing lights on the awning cresting's.

Festival Concession Trailers
Designed to be highly customizable, the Classic Series is best suited for large “state fair” size events and features an aluminum covered body.

These body panels are easily replaceable in the event of an accident or in the event you wish to freshen its look after years of wear and tear. No conventional paint and body work required!

The Trailer All Other Mfg's Compare To...

Festival Concession Trailers
For well over a half century the Classic series has been the trailer that all other manufacturers have chased.

Our retractable wheel system allows our units to have the lowest counters in the industry, proving year after year to make you more money with much easier working conditions.

Festival Concession Trailers
The Classic was the first to have a retractable self storing hitch. No need for you to lift a heavy, dirty hitch off your trailer and then find a place to store it!

See more about our Retractable Hitches in our Key Features Section…

Over 60 years experience and many “firsts” in the industry…

We started installing Ice Makers on the roof for greater profits and more interior space back in the early 80’s.

Guess what other mfg’s did?

We were the first to install High Capacity central air conditioning to keep you cool and comfortable on those long days…

What do you think the other companies did?

“We Know What Makes You Money!”

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