Industry Expertise

After more than 60 years its safe to say we know a little bit about this industry. In fact almost all of the major innovations in the industry were first imagined, designed, patented and manufactured by us! We have the expertise to help you with everything from menu selections, pricing, equipment needs and health codes.

The Benefits to You

We design your trailer against the strictest health code in the country so no matter where you take your business you will pass code with flying colors. From a logistical standpoint we know how the fairs and festivals operate. We can help you with electrical questions, setup and operational questions; all the way down to how the midways and concession areas are operated. Most importantly we know the features you need in a trailer that will make you money. There’s no sense in buying a 16’ trailer when a 14’ will do the job, and vice versa. When you purchase a Schantz trailer you are also buying 60 years of industry expertise!