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What size truck will I need to pull my new trailer with?

This depends on your trailer GVWR or Gross Vehicle Weight Rating. Trailer manufacturers rate their trailers based on axle capacity plus an additional 10-20% of that number for the hitch. These two numbers added together equals total GVWR or what the trailer could safely weigh with a load. You will need a truck that is capable of carrying at least this weight. It’s best to error in favor of a truck with higher GVWR than lower.

Schantz has many axle capacity options, isn’t heavier better?

Not necessarily true. Most axles are designed to perform their best at or near there rated capacity. Axles that are too large in capacity for a given trailer can cause an extremely rough and bouncy ride. Consult with your Schantz representative for further information.

I am not from Illinois, so will sales tax be applied to my purchase price?

Maybe. It depends on which state you are planning on licensing your trailer in. Many states now charge what’s called a reciprocal tax. This tax varies state by state with many states not charging any at all. A Schantz representative can explain which states and what the rates are.

When I purchase a new trailer do I get a title right away?

Trailer manufacturers issue what’s called an MCO or Manufacturers Certificate of Origin. If you are going to license your trailer in the state you bought it from then the dealer sends in the MCO and does all title work for you. If you are from out of state then you must take your MCO to your local DMV for license and title work. In either case if there is financing involved the finance company holds the title until the trailer is paid in full.

With a new trailer I have no license plates. How can I get it home legally?

Schantz will issue a temporary license plate if you are planning on licensing your trailer in Illinois, if not, Schantz will issue a 10 day drive away permit to get you back to your home state.

What is the warranty on a new Schantz trailer?

Schantz offers one of the most complete warranties in the trailer business. Consult with your Schantz representative for further information, as warranties vary slightly based on trailer models.

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