Innovation to Set You Apart From the Rest!

To get the dollars on the midway you need to stand out from the rest!  At Schantz we are always developing innovative ways to help our clients bring new looks to the midway.  Our backlit marquees are now lit using energy efficient LED technology.  This easy to wire, easy to maintain system is waterproof, bright and most importantly energy efficient.   

  This 21' backlit marquee only pulls 7 AMPS!!  Why look like everyone else on the midway, when you can use our new backlit technology to be the brightest trailer on the grounds!  

Another great way to stand out from the crowd is to go 3D!  Big, Bold candy apples on the corners of this marquee draw lots of attention and adds a creative twist to a typical trailer.  Desinged to look like the real thing this type of accent can take your trailer from ordinary to spectacular.  

At Schantz we know that the keys to your success lie in the details.  We strive to be on the creative edge to keep you looking your best and putting you in a position to Make More Money!