The Lifetime Value of Owning a Schantz

Highest Resale Value in the Business

It’s happened over and over through-out the lifetime of owning a Schantz. Properly maintained Schantz trailers bring the highest trade-in and resale values period. Many units built through the 80’s have resold for much more than when they were new!

Better still are late 90’s models bringing over $50,000 used! You must ask yourself, where else could you buy a business, work it and generate income for over 10 years, and still cash out with $50,000? Only with a Schantz!

Need to Trade?

Schantz has always taken trade-ins!

At Schantz we know that you must always stay focused on your business and sometimes you just don't have the time to fool around with selling your current unit.

Building trailers for over a half century has allowed us to forge relationships with many great people in the industry. Many of these people contact us on a regular basis looking for used equipment...

So it becomes "a natural" for us to take trades and help our customers sell there used trailers.

We Know What Makes You Money!

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