Mobile Kitchen Trailers

Mobile Kitchen Trailers

Schantz has been the leader in mobile kitchen trailers for over 60 years. We offer many lines of custom and semi-custom trailers to fit every type of food service environment.

From new product promotion, special events, zoos, fun centers… you name it, we can design a unit for maximum productivity and working comfort.

Custom In-House Graphics

All of our units are built with the latest design and manufacturing technology to guarantee superior quality and performance year after year.

With our own in-house designers you can rest assured that whatever your food product, brand or marketing idea we can help you “bring it” with attention grabbing style!

Environmentally Friendly

Innovative T-5 fluorescent lighting reduces power consumption by two thirds! Standard lighting on many different models, the new T-5 lighting is 20% brighter than the old T-12 technology and can save as much as 35 amps per trailer… and with far less mercury content, land-fills are happy too!

Engineered From the Ground Up

Our full in-house engineering department designs all trailers in a computer 3-D environment. This ensures proper fit and function of your new trailer design before it’s ever started.

While many others start building before the design is completely proven, our engineering staff catches problem areas before the plans are ever released to the manufacturing floor. No other manufacturer can match our over half century of trailer design experience!

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