Service After the Sale...Standard at Schantz

We had the great pleasure of attending over 30 major fairs last summer and fall and had the opportunity to speak with hundreds of concessionaires. Likewise, at Gibtown, we had a record number of concessionaires visit our booth. Some were current clients, some were new entrants into the industry and some owned trailers from other manufacturers. When assessing these interactions we were surprised to hear about the overwhelming lack of support after the sale. It appears that ANYONE can build a trailer…but what happens after the sale is what sets manufacturers apart.

There was one story that stood out from the rest. We met a concessionaire who had bought a trailer and he was very happy with it. However he had gotten in an accident and needed repair work done. He called his manufacturer and never heard back. He called again and again and still nothing. When he finally spoke with the builder he was told that they didn’t have time in their schedule to help him. He’d have to wait until the end of the season, and they would try to squeeze his repair work in…but there was no guarantee. This wasn’t emergency work, the concessionaire wasn’t expecting to have his trailer worked on the next day, he just wanted to get it scheduled. As he stated, “They seem to only be worried about the trailers they are currently building, once you pull out of the shop with your new trailer, you are no longer their problem.”

Does this seem acceptable? You didn’t buy a $400 vacuum cleaner, you bought a $120k-$250k business. Shouldn’t there be more accountability from your manufacturer? We at Schantz Mfg understand that your trailer purchase may be the biggest investment you make in your lifetime; in some cases an investment bigger than your home. This is your lifeblood, your ability to make a living, to take care of your family, to save for retirement…some of you spend more time in your trailer than you do in your home…it has to work, and you have to have support. At Schantz we understand that if you aren’t successful neither are we. Our ability to keep you operating is what makes you money and keeps us in business. We have dedicated teams that only focus on repairs, year round. You will never call our facility looking for a repair, upgrade, maintenance or even winterizing and be told that we don’t have time. We’ll say, “when can you bring it in?” Our repair teams are skilled at any task; from minor repairs and accident damage to complete refurbishment down to the steel frame. As I look out the office window right now there are 3 new trailer builds under construction and 4 repairs being worked on…simultaneously. Can your manufacturer say that?

What about emergencies? Many times over the years we have gotten calls from clients and non Schantz owners stuck on the side of the road, usually after having some sort of accident. On many occasions we have dispatched repair crews in the field to get these customers back on the road; often leaving in the middle of the night. Read this article to see an example. Again, we understand your business. We know that your route is vital to the success of your financial year, you can’t miss an event. Can your manufacturer say that?

“But I don’t own a Schantz, I own xyz brand..” No problem, we’ll service any make, any model. If it serves food and it’s mobile, we’ll fix it. Over the past year we have serviced every major manufacturer’s trailers.We are located in the heart of the country, 30 miles east of St. Louis. You can see our facility from Interstate 70. We’re easy to get to, dedicated to our clients and always only a phone call away. Can your manufacturer say that?

ANYONE can build a trailer, can they provide service for the lifetime of the product? And more importantly, are they willing to? Can your manufacturer answer yes to these questions?For more than 60 years we have been the innovator, and the leading service provider in the industry. At Schantz, “We Know What Makes You Money”

Oh, and by the way, the concessionaire that we mentioned earlier…we’re fixing his trailer this summer, and when he purchases his next trailer…It will be a Schantz.