Research and Development

Schantz has a long-standing history of investing heavily into research and development across all product lines. Activities include support for current product offerings, development of new features and options, and the search for the latest in advanced materials.

A Large Portion of Schantz’s R&D Budget is Devoted to Ergonomics

The Schantz commitment to a comfortable work environment has proven to substantially increase its customers ROI’s. Studies have shown that all of Schantz’s Industry First features have had a positive ROI impact for its customers.

Some of These Ergonomic Features Include:

Retractable Wheels – Allows the trailer to lower to the ground for eye to eye contact with customers which reduces back fatigue.

High Capacity Air Conditioning – RV roof top airs just don’t keep up in a food trailer environment.

Roof Mounted Ice Makers – Moving ice making equipment to the roof not only frees up interior space but also removes unwanted heat from the interior work space.

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