Strength to Last

Schantz trailers are built to last with the highest quality steel and aluminum. Over the years we have witnessed what can happen when the right materials, the right thicknesses, and the right manufacturing practices are not used. Fortunately that isn't a concern with a Schantz. We design our trailers using strong steel frames, 1/8 inch thick aluminum in our bodies and 1/4 inch think aluminum corner posts. Our trailers are built to last and the number of Schantz trailers built in the 60s, 70s, and 80s still on the road is a testament to that.

The Benefits to You

The benefits to you are simple; a well built, solid trailer that will hold up for years, travel well, and look great at every location. Every step of the fabricating and manufacturing process is done in house so you can rest assured that your trailer will get the same expertise and attention to detail that has been our hallmark for over 60 years.