Schantz Mfg Inc.Testimonials

Freddy Miller of Miller Spectacular Shows talks about Schantz Mfg.

Todd Hawkins talks about his new Schantz Trailer!

Bernard Binet speaks about his new Schantz Trailer...

Suzanne DeRamus - With a new Schantz you will make your payment. Mother Nature may rain on you, but you will make your trailer payment.

Jean Clair, Luehrs' Ideal Rides Inc. - The entire process of planning, engineering, and finishing a beautiful, innovative food concession trailer was a delightful experience, headed by the exemplary Schantz staff. The quality of the unit is superb and the finished product is as fine as you will find anywhere in the world.

Scirrotto’s Cinnamon City, Carolina Wiwcher, Rosemary Scirrotto and Matthew Wiwcher - The impeccable customer service we are receiving ensures that we will never purchase any trailer other than a Schantz. They truly are the “Mercedes” of our business! Click to see the whole article featured in Dec 2007 NICA News

Kathy Swyear, Swyears Amusements, Inc. - There is no other company as far as I'm concerned to go to to get a really classy, one of a kind, custom built trailer. I like the Schantz trailer because it is a money maker. It just makes can always count on it making the payments. I love it!

Jeremy Westmoreland - I don’t think there is another trailer on the market that looks as good as a Schantz trailer, that’s my opinion and that’s my family’s opinion, and we have probably 70 or 80 of them on the road. We have a big family and we’ve all gone with Schantz. It’s not because the competitors haven’t contacted us and made offers, they all have, but we keep coming back to Schantz. A Schantz trailer is like no other!

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