Graphic design and vinyl quality is an important part of any trailer; and among the major manufacturers it’s a hotly contested, widely debated, big ego boosting topic and everyone thinks they have the best graphics. In fact one website claims, “voted best graphics in the industry!” It’s time for a recount.

But back to the subject of “best graphics”…what exactly does that mean? At Schantz it’s a whole lot more than just graphics. Its image resolution, print quality, material quality, creative design, and marketing. We design every trailer in house using a creative team approach with our designers, the client, our marketing department and even some of the key fabricators on the project. This team approach gives us a layer of depth, creativity and purpose when designing the look of the trailer that isn’t matched in the industry. We address how we get people to the trailer, how we engage them when they are there and how we make a lasting impression on them. Most importantly how can we make this trailer look like nothing else out there…ever notice that everything is starting to look the same?

So we have design covered. That leaves an often overlooked but vitally important part of the process; printing and material. At Schantz we don’t handle this process. Being able to say that we have “in house printing” doesn’t save you time, money or increase quality. Why do we do this? We are not printers. We don’t want to service printers. We don’t have time to research the latest printer upgrades…we’re too busy building trailers. We partner with Schneider Graphics based out of Des Moines, Iowa. They are the best in the industry and we lean on them for our printing needs. Here’s why, printer technology is always changing, as is vinyl material. We don’t have the time, cash or resources to keep upgrading printers every year. We would much rather put that money into new tools for our fabricators or R&D for new innovations. We use the experts with the latest equipment and knowledge to print our designs. Do you really think your manufacturer has the best, latest printer? By using Schneider Graphics we get the latest cutting edge print technology as well as the latest advances in vinyl. Schneider is a preferred partner with 3M. When 3M goes to the biggest tradeshows in the country guess who is in their booth doing the demonstrations and applying the vinyl…yup, Schneider Graphics. Because of this partnership, when 3M develops a new vinyl product Schneider gets it first...and so does Schantz. All quality checks are done by our staff as well as the professional installation of all the vinyl. We’ve got the final check on everything that goes out the door, and if something isn’t quite right we’ve got the backing of Schneider and 3M to make sure everything is perfect. If you get a chance, compare the vinyl on one of our trailers compared to some of the “in house” guys…there’s a striking difference. Seeing is believing.

So there you have it, great design, great technology, great materials for an overall superior process. When your manufacturer says, “voted best graphics in the industry”, are you really getting the best? At Schantz there’s a lot more that goes into our “cutting edge vinyl!”