Which Series is Right for You?

Achiever Series

Although designed as an entry level trailer the Achiever Series stands out as the leader in this market. Designed as a ground-up concession trailer, the Achiever comes standard with a drop floor and a reinforced roof for larger air conditioning and exhaust fans. Smooth sided, rivet-less .040 sheeting, and bi-fold back-lit awning cresting's the Achiever is the foundation to your new concession business.

It’s the perfect fit for clubs, organizations, restaurant owners, catering, local concessionaires or anyone looking to take their food products mobile. The Achiever includes features just not found in the typical converted cargo trailers that seem to get classed as “concession trailers”.

Festival Series

Designed with a mid-level price point in mind the Festival Series is designed for smaller county fairs and festivals or as a satellite operation to your biggest show piece.

Using the same awnings and lighting as the Millennium Series this concession trailer is more configurable than customizable. It is available as a non-retractable wheel trailer and its body is built out of aluminized steel rather than aluminum.

Its drop floor frame and removable hitch makes it a winner as far as set-up and working comfort. Like the Millennium, it too has an integrated BIB storage compartment and is a full 102” wide trailer for maximum interior space.

Millennium Series

This is our second generation series concession trailer which includes a completely redesigned, full 102” wide body and frame. Available in both retractable and non-retractable versions the Millennium sits on a completely redesigned under carriage which is not only lighter and stronger, but it includes concealed corner jacks for easy leveling.

The Millennium’s body is built from .125” thick aluminum sheet with 1/4 x 5 x 5 corner posts for the strongest body in the industry. The body comes standard with an integrated BIB and lead wire storage compartments and like the Classic, the Millennium is best suited for large “state fair” size events. The Millennium Series also includes the latest European lighting technology which is not only brighter but is considerably more energy efficient.

Classic Series

The concession trailer that started it all! This trailer is our founders, Socrates Schantz’s original retractable wheel trailer design with 1 piece awnings and no visible awning rods. This is the only trailer in the industry that has an option of flashing lights on the awning cresting's.

Designed to be highly customizable, the Classic Series is best suited for large “state fair” size events and features an aluminum covered body. These body panels are easily replaceable in the event of an accident or in the event you wish to freshen its look after years of wear and tear. No conventional paint and body work required!

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